Chemotherapy Treatment #1

Chemo went okay on Thursday…I didn’t get home til about 4:00.  But it gave me quite a headache and I was dizzy.

I tried to keep the nausea at bay despite having 2 different  anti-nausea medications in my IV and oral pills.

My stomach continued churning.

I was eating some pumpkin nuts and sunflower seeds and enjoying them, until all of the sudden I bit into one and tasted POO.  I ran to the bathroom and spit them out, rinsed my mouth, and brushed my teeth 4 times.

I asked my older sister to make me some Ginger tea and seriously, all I smelled was POO!  A few minutes later I smelled a bit of the ginger, but I had to forgo the drink.  I’ve heard people say that when they are on chemo, they had a metal taste in their mouth, but not poo.  I guess I’m a novelty.  And then I tried to drink tap water and it tasted like dirt.  I do not think I will be about to drink tap water for my chemo treatment because this has not gone away even today.  The nurse told me that sometimes that happens to people.

She also told me that people tend to gain about 10-12 pounds on this chemo cocktail…but if this nauseousness keeps up, I doubt that’s going to happen.  Somehow I think that the extra pounds won’t happen until they give me the steroids.  I’m a little bit worried about that set of 3 treatments (Dec.-March) because apparently that causes really severe muscle/joint and bone pain.  And because they also give you steroids, you start going wacky.

I also think that that part of the treatment requires a drug called Neuplasta to help boost up your immune system if you run into problems.  It’s a drug that is not covered by OHIP.  I heard a lady in the next bed freaking out at the pharmacist and her drug company and the bank because she didn’t have the money to pay for it and the pharmacy wasn’t going to give her the drug ($2,800 upfront).  Apparently her benefits only covered $5,000 a year and she need 4 treatments ($11,200).  It was not a pretty picture.  I guess I’d better start saving in case I will need this drug too.  I’m going to have to talk to our benefits department to see if I’m covered.

One of my colleagues brought me some soup yesterday.  It was delicious…for a while, but it didn’t stay in my stomach for very long.  I’m going to freeze the rest and enjoy it when the nauseousness subsides.

My daughter had a meat pie for dinner.  My husband took the little guy to Tim Hortons for dinner for…a donut.   I am not happy with him.

Well, at least I know what to expect the next two times I undergo chemo.  One down, five to go.

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