The next  2 Thursdays a nurse will be coming to my house to flush the picc with heparin or something like that so I don’t get blood clots.

I’m not due back for another chemo treatment until Nov. 12.  Thank heavens.

Today, am ridiculously tired.  One of my sisters drove me to my parent’s place where I slept for the majority of the day while my kids played with the next door neighbours kids.  I briefly went grocery shopping with my husband this morning but kept getting dizzy.  The shopping cart kept me upright because the place was SWAYING something fierce.

I hope I get some energy back tomorrow.

Later That day….

Okay the weirdest thing happened.

Just this morning my husband said, “You know, it’s too bad we didn’t get to the market yesterday, because we sure could use some samosas… the kids like them  (this is after we were talking about what we were going to eat this week seeing as I am not particularly hungry nor I am really relishing the idea of cooking anything).

Then we got a message on our answering machine offering us some delicious samosas from one of my colleagues!  Coincidence…. or not?

Last Wednesday, I read a book that one of my daughter’s teachers lent me called, “Postcard Moments”.

In a nutshell, it essentially claims that when things are rough, God sends “Postcards” to us to help us deal with it.

Today’s postcard….Samosas !


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