Burning Butt

Today, I got to battle DIARRHEA!

Yippee. eh!

I never knew it was possible to be constipated with diarrhea…but I assure you it is quite possible.

My hemorrhoids/maternity tags or whatever you want to call them are popping out like balloons (and bleeding no less).

And to top it off, whenever anyone phoned as I rested on “La Toilette”, my darling daughter, and lovely secretary, would say,  “I’m sorry,

my mother has DIARRHEA REALLY BAD and can’t come to the phone right now!

…and it wasn’t a telemarketer calling either.   (Well, at least it wasn’t a relative)


I hope tomorrow isn’t so dramatic.

I think I’d better stick to soup.

I think my brother-in-laws Jambalaya was the culprit, which I ate at lunch.

My husband said it was spicy, really spicy, although I swear I didn’t taste it… at all.

I’ll have to call and thank him for burning my butt!

Who needs chemo when you’ve got your relatives ready to kill you?

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