The Nurse with the Bloody Gloves

Last night I had a hot flash and came to the realization that menopause has now hit…. that was until this morning when I discovered that I had my period.  Wait a minute…this isn’t suppose to happen.  I’m not suppose to have a period (the drugs I’m taking are suppose to stop the estrogen from floating around my body).   AHHHH!


Today the home care nurse came over to give me my heparin (some blood-clotting infusion) for my picc. line (thing in my arm that goes to my heart).  So she put on her latex gloves and I noticed that there was blood on them.

So I told her and she changed them….but she took the new ones out of the some pouch the bloody ones were in.

Needless to say,  I was not too impressed.  In fact, I was quite horrified.  Then she was struggling to try to get the bandages off my arm, so she gave up, and pulled off her gloves.

All I could think of is if I get an infection at this sight, I’m going to die.  So I asked her if I could clean it off myself and she let me.  Then she said I didn’t have the right dressings and she would come back on Monday to change them.  I am not too comfortable with her coming back at this point and think I will phone my Oncology nurse in the morning and ask for another home care company to help me with the Picc. Line.


The news said this morning that the swine flu has hit one of the downtown hospitals.

It’s comforting to know that it just happens to be mine.  Just my luck.


Got my hair cut

Frig it’s cold when you are bald.

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