Child in Heaven

This morning, at 8:30 a.m, Krystianna Laurence passed away, peacefully.

I was a bit worried about some of the kids in my class from last year, because I knew that this news would have quite an impact on them and I wanted to make sure they were all right.  So off I went to school today.  I spent most of the afternoon with a few of them who were having trouble dealing with the news, but then I had to leave because my picc. line was driving me crazy (itchy again) and one of the parents at my school who was a former nurse told me to call right away because it looked infected.  What else is new?

When I got home I started pulling the teg-a-derm bandage off.  It looks like saran wrap.  It felt so much better when it was exposed to the air, which I really wasn’t suppose to do.  I could see more hives beneath the bandages.

They sent a male nurse over to my house this evening.  His name started with an F.  He didn’t look like a nurse, he look like a bloody rugby player.  I guess they get a lot of dangerous calls at night, so they send their toughest looking nurses for the late shift.  He said, “Boy, you are allergic to a lot of stuff” when he looked at my chart.  “Yup”, I answered.  So he removed all the bandages, and now as a last resort, I have gauze bandages (which will need to be changed more often).  I can finally say it actually feels better!  I hope all those hives go away.  My skin beneath the special bandage to hold the picc. line in place was purple and red, but the good news is that it’s just my skin reacting to something (it could also be the cleaner/alcohol thing they use to sanitize the area before the bandages are put on), and the infection doesn’t seem to be going into the line to my heart.  That made me feel somewhat better.

I told my daughter about Krystianna passing away and she cried in my arms.  Bobo told her that she was in heaven watching down on us and I told her we will have to say a prayer for her tonight before we go to bed.  Bobo also told her to tell her teacher and maybe the class could also pray for her.  That’s the good thing about going to a Catholic School, you don’t have to worry about praying because everyone believes in God.

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