Back to Work? Really?

I forgot to mention that I went to my surgeon’s office this week to get the note I needed for the School Board.  When I had it  in my hot little hands I went into shock.  “What!”, I screamed at the secretary.  “You want me to go back to work on April 5th”.  That’s a h*** of a lot sooner than I was expecting.  Is that normal?  I won’t be finished Chemo until March!  I don’t even think I WILL HAVE HAIR by April 5th.  She said I could review it in March when I go see the surgeon for my follow up appointment.  “Damn right”, I thought.

When I delivered the note to my principal, and believe me I really did NOT want to give it to her, I told her that this note RUINED MY VACATION PLANS for MAY as I was intending to go to ITALY (with the money I’m going to win from the Lottery which I am playing with the school teachers – you’d better tell our lotto captain to hurry up and give me a call when we win so I can book my ticket).

Hey, wait a minute.  I should buy some lottery tickets with my good luck charm, Cathy.

Then we’ll be e-mailing all of you from some luxury resort in Tuscany!

“Wish you were here”, I would write.   <smirk>

P.S.  Did I neglect to tell you that my allergic skin reaction also caused me to loose my voice?   I also woke up to watery, puffy eyes, and enflamed tonsils too.  How weird is that?

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