My Wigs debut

Sunday, November 29, 2009  I went to church to sing….baaaaddd mistake.  I sound like a frog.  Literally.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I still haven’t recovered.  Still got the itchy eyes, sore throat, rash, and a cough to boot.

I was hoping to clean my house and take a nap in the afternoon… but then I got The Call.  “The Call” came from the secretary at my kids School.   “Oh Great, now what?”,  I thought when I heard her voice”.  It’s Mrs Secretary from ….school… blah blah, blah, Frack is in the office with a sore ear.”   So much from my nice nap!

I started to plan how I was going to have to take him to the doctor because Frack has a bad ear which he can’t hear out of when he gets sick.  So I went to pick him up.  When I got into the car I asked him what was wrong and he said that a big kid ran him over in the yard and he scraped his ear and it hurt.  “Inside or outside?”, I asked.  “Outside”, he said.  Yup, his scalp was red behind his ear.  “Oh, good, that means you can go back to school?”.  “NO!,” he shouted, “Don’t want to go to school”.  “Great”, I thought.  “Did a teacher bring you to the office?” , I inquired.  “No, a big boy did when he saw me crying?”, he answered.  “Did anyone ask you why your ear was hurting?”, I asked him.  “No,” he said.  “That figures… I guess I am out of a nap!”, I responded as I drove him home cursing.  Good grief, if this had happened at my school, our secretary would have given him the 3rd degree and he would have been told him to suck it up and get back to class.

I need to get better before Thursday, or my chemo will have to be delayed.

That actually might not be a bad thing since I was suppose to have chemo on December 24th and the hospital is closed.  I thought that was really odd seeing that the hospital I go to is a Jewish hospital.  My doctor said he would be there because he was on call, but no one else would be there for 2 weeks.  So even though I’m suppose to be zapped every 3 weeks, after this Thursdays treatment, I won’t be zapped for 5 weeks.  Maybe that’ll give me some time to grow some more hair!

By the way, I did finally get a chance to wear my new $600 wig (which I plan on using for drama classes when this is all over).  I wore it to church.  The choir director, loved it and kept pretending to toss his hair while playing the piano, which made me laugh.  Frick fell asleep half-way through mass and I had to get one of our choir members to carry her to the car.  And does she not wake up and stay up until something like 10:30 last night after I got her home?  She got her second wind.  I cannot win!


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