Frick’s Boy Problems

I can’t believe it’s already December.  24 more shopping days left!  I don’t have all my Christmas shopping done, but we do have 1 tree up (the disney tree of course).

This morning I went to the school to give one of the teachers a CD of Kay because she is going to do a huge collage for the funeral.  I know it will be really nice because she has a knack for stuff like this.  She also wrote a beautiful poem for it.  Anyway, off I went to Blacks Photography to get her copies of the pictures I took of Kay when we were in Quebec.

One of my favourite pictures of her was at Mont Morrency (sp?) Falls where she is looking out towards the falls and there below appeared a beautiful rainbow out of nowhere.  This particular photograph  sticks out in my mind because when I went to the hospital to see her back in August she happily showed me lovely paintings of rainbows that she did with an art therapist at Sick Kids Hospital.  Now whenever I see a rainbow, it will remind me of her.  I got some other good pictures of her and some of her friends.  Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures were of her at historic sites with her back turned because I didn’t want her to know I was taking so many pictures of her for her mom.

This afternoon, I had my carpets cleaned in the living room, hallway, and stairs.  My older sister came over today so we could watch a movie.  I didn’t want Frick and Frack to tread on the wet carpets, so we went to my favourite chinese restaurant “Magic Wok” for their hot and sour soup.  It was a real treat.

On our way over there, Frick started crying.  She told us that she got into trouble and had a detention after school with all of her friends, and it wasn’t her fault – she was trying to protect herself and her friends and her brother.  How are you going to have a detention tomorrow from 3:30 – 4:00 when the bus picks everyone up at 3:25 to take them to day care?  Am I suppose to come pick you up at 4:00?  “Are you sure your detention isn’t at recess?” I questioned her.  “Yes”, that’s right”, she answered, “It’s at recess.”  “So what happened?,” I asked.

“The boys were bugging all the girls and one boy pushed my head into the railing on the portable.  They took our hats and then another boy tried to strangle me and he told me that he was going to punch Frack in the face 10 times.  I was only trying to protect Frack and my friends, and now I have a detention.”  “That’s okay, Frick”, I told her, “Do you want me to talk to your teacher about this?”.  “Yes”, she said.

Now I know my kid is no saint, but according to my husband, one of these boys really needs someone to punch the lights out of him.  And if it is a girl, so be it.  This kid has been tormenting her all year and Bobo has told her to protect herself and kick him in the nu news (or, as Frick puts it, the peanuts), and that would be the end of him.   At first, I told her not to get herself into trouble, and to tell the teacher on yard duty (even if it did sound like she was a tattle- teller) so that this boy would get into trouble and not her…  but that that strategy wasn’t really not working for her.

For weeks, I’ve been telling Frick to stay away from anyone who was coughing (so she, and then I, wouldn’t get sick).  So what does that same boy do?  He purposely coughs in her face all day long, agitating her.  And guess what, he sits in her group so she can’t get away from him.

To make matters worse, guess who her “Dancing Partner” is for the Day Cares Christmas Concert?  This same boy, of course.  So every night, Frick would cry about how he purposely steps on her toes and doesn’t do what he is suppose to do, and she no longer was interested in participating in the concert because he was going to wreck it.  I stood firm and told her to keep trying… that maybe she was a good dancer and could teach him.  I chose not to speak to the day care teachers, hoping that it would work itself out.  It did eventually, as this boy got kicked out of the concert for acting like a goof and now she has a new partner and he, according to Frick, smells.



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