Chemo. #3

They chemo-ed me anyway (new word, I just made it up).  Told me my white blood cell count was good enough to zap me again, and they don’t like to delay treatment.  Which means I’m due for my next drug Taxatere on Wednesday, December 23rd.  I’d better be okay for Christmas, I told them.

According to Cathy (because of the steroids they will be giving me for 3 days), I will be wired.

When my oncologist took me into his little room to talk to me, I told him how I got diarrhea from the Hot and Sour Soup on Tuesday and suffered Tuesday, and Wednesday morning because of it.  He said, “What’s the matter with you, don’t you check out the signs posted in the windows before you enter restaurants.  Yellow means YOU DON’T STAY.  I like this guy.  He has a warped sense of humour like me.

He told me I would be going on taxatere the next time around.  I asked him if I was going to be okay on Christmas.  He said if I wasn’t, then he was on call that day.  “Oh good”, I said, “So I can call you”.  He rolled up his eyes and said, “If you are going to call me, it better be for a really good reason… something serious”.  I think I’ll call him on Christmas just to make sure he’s there, and wish him a Merry Christmas (even though he is Jewish!)

That’s a good reason!


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