Christmas Tree Robbery

So today we decided to go to a Garden Nursery to pick up a Christmas tree.  After much debate, we decided upon a lovely Douglas Fir tree.  We had it packaged and ready to go at the loading dock, but decided to look around the store before we left.  

After we paid for it, we went to the loading dock area only to discover our tree on someone else’s S.U.V.   “Hey, that’s our tree”, I shouted.  I asked the people who worked there to sort it out because I was sure that was our tree on the roof of someone else’s car.   Unfortunately, they didn’t bother to write anyones name on their tree so we didn’t have much to stand on.  

I kept telling the woman and her husband that our tree had a pointed top and a red scar on the trunk of the tree, but she insisted it was her tree.  The employees just shrugged.  My husband said it didn’t matter and let’s go get our money back.  I was not happy, and neither were my two kids.  I was getting ready to play the cancer card.  “Look,” I would say, pulling off my scarf, “I have cancer.  I may not have many more Christmas’s left and you are taking my tree.”  Now who could argue with that?

There were only 2 other trees in the loading dock and they weren’t remotely like the one we picked.  I was all set to argue about it, but my husband kept saying, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll go to the other Garden Nursery and get another one”.  So we went and got our money back.

When we got into the car, I asked him why he was letting them get away with robbing us of our tree.  He said that it was more fun this way.  “What do you mean?”, I asked him.  “Well,” he said, “That guy bought an 8-9 foot Christmas tree for $90, and won’t he be in for a big surprise when he gets it home and discovers he only has a 6 1/2 foot tree.”  “Why didn’t we take his then?,” I asked my husband.  “I thought of that”, he answered, “But his wasn’t that good”.  

 That afternoon, Bobo went with his brother to another Nursery and got another tree.  Then his brother wanted to go to the one we were at earlier to see what they had.  

Guess who was returning a tree in the parking lot?

Surprise, Surprise.

Stupid people.


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