Lighting of the Advent Candles

I am happy to report that I my wig survived the lighting of the Advent Candles!  My son kept the teachers behind me amused.  Just before mass he decided to start playing with my new wig.  “Tickle, Tickle”, he said as his fingers found there way underneath the wig behind my ear.  Then he said, “Is this your real hair?”  I said, “NO.”   Then he shouted, so that everyone could clearly hear, “THIS ISN’T YOUR REAL HAIR.  IT’S A WIG!”   God love him.  I just burst out laughing (as did everyone else).

Later, he started getting squirmy.  I told him that the guy in the purple (Priest) was having a party downstairs after mass, and if he was really good and quiet, we could go too.  “Who?  Who is having a party?”, he said after jumping up and looked around.  “The guy over there in the purple,” he sang, whilst standing and pointing to the priest?  “Are we going to have CAKE?”  I guess I shouldn’t have said anything about the party because he was getting pretty excited about it.

Then, when the bells rang during the Eucharist and Frack said, “What’s that?”

“Jingle Bells”, I answered (remembering that that was what 3 year old Frick screamed out when she first heard them).  Then Frack asked, “What is he drinking?” when the priest took a drink from the chalice.  “Wine”, I answered.  “Wine! Can I have some?”, he said loudly.   “No, only at Nonno’s house’, I answered.  For a kid who barely talks, this was his place to shine. This is why I don’t take him to church with me much.  I never get to sing in choir in peace because he keeps grabbing my hand, telling me it’s time to go home!


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