Burning Butt, yet again!

Last night we went to my brother-in-laws house to help him decorate his Christmas tree.  He fed us Frozen Sicilian Pizza.  All I can say is that I shouldn’t have eaten it.  My taste buds must be warped or something because it honestly did not taste spicy to me.  However, when it was coming out of my butt all night and all day today, it was clearly burning my butt.

I am very upset with him right now.  I was suppose to go with my kids to a cookie exchange party at 1:00, but couldn’t get off the toilet.  Then I was suppose to go to an All-You-Can-EAT buffet at a restaurant at my husbands “Christmas Volunteer Party”.  I had to send him and the kids without me because I didn’t see the point in spending $25.00 for a dinner I knew I could not eat.  So I missed the annual Christmas Party.  Damn that Brother-In-Law of mine… that’s the second time he gave me the shitters.  The first time it was with that Jambalaya thing he made, and now this.  I phoned my father-in-law to wish him a Happy Birthday and told him to pass on the message to his son (who I knew was over there) that he owed me a all you can eat dinner buffet when I was feeling better.

When Bobo and the kids got home from dinner, they went over to Grandma/Grandpas house to decorate their tree, without me.  I decided to have a cup of tea and drown in my sorrows in the bathtub.

I feel better now.

However, Bobo had better get his butt over here soon to decorate our tree upstairs (we have 2 downstairs) because there are people coming over tomorrow and our tree is naked!

Otherwise, my visitors may be in for a big surprise.  Guess what, I will tell them… you’ve been invited over here to decorate my tree!  Ha!

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