Sick Kids Hospital Again

We didn’t have a good night.

Peter came home from daycare, miserable.  He said he couldn’t walk and needed to be carried inside.  Then he started complaining that his head and tummy hurt.  A little while later he was bawling his eyes out.  So I asked him what was wrong and he told me that one of the kids in his class at school pushed him down and he bumped his head and had a very bad headache.

I really felt bad for him because he never complains so I knew this was not good.  I took his temperature (100.5) and gave him some Tylenol, phoned my friend Michelle (bless her) to take care of Frick because my husband wasn’t home yet, and off we went to Sick Kids Hospital (which is where I always have to take him if he has a fever (it could be his kidneys acting up).

So 4 hours later….. The doctor thinks his head is okay but said if he starts to vomit, he may have a concussion, in which I will have to bring him back to the hospital.  The doctor isn’t sure what was going on with the fever (it was mild) and could go either way.  She told me to stay away from him if it goes to 99.5 F.  -which may mean another trip to Nonna’s house tomorrow morning because tonight, I want to sleep in my own bed.  Fracks’s temperature went down when we got to the hospital.  It was hovering on being a fever.  However, his “Pee” test was good… no blood in the urine this time.  But he did have a bit of protein in there which means his kidneys may be leaking.  Therefore, I need to take him to the family doctors in few weeks when he is better to check out his urine again.

Fun, wow!  Too much excitment for my liking.  I’m going to bed now.  Good-night!

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