Bring a Flashlight

Thurs. Dec. 17

Staff party at Anna’s House.

I wore my Party Wig (Dreadlocks with assorted coloured beads).

No one recognized me from the back of the head.  Thought I was new… until I turned around and then they just laughed!  Oh, it’s you… didn’t recognize ya!  Too funny!

Tried to wrap presents, but had a unique problem.  Frack has a new hobby…  using tape for EVERYTHING (ie:  taping bags to dressers and filling them with junk, and making forts – believing that tape will hold blankets to whatever he has decided to attach them to).  Can’t find any tape anywhere.  Am I surprised?  Nope!

Just agited!  Should have bought some and hid it somewhere.

Friday Dec. 18

Running around like mad, shopping, shopping, and wrapping.  I finally got around to writing some Christmas Cards, but I anyone on my list who live outside Canada may not receive it until Valentines Day, at best.

Saturday, Dec. 19

Party at my place.  Some of my former students decided to have a party at my place.  It was great… they brought all the food and we had a nice, candlelight dinner with the Christmas tree aglow.

One thing you have got to know about my house is that every, single time we have a party, we have a blackout.  It think it has something to do with having all the Christmas lights ablaze in the front yard.  And the 9 foot Mickey Mouse.  And the 3 Christmas trees, the coffee maker, CD player playing Christmas music… and finally the microwave oven.  That seems to do it.  There were some people that came a bit late and I offered to warm up their food in the microwave.  Someone had just blown out the candles and there we were inside a very, very, dark house.  Never mind that it looked like Vegas a few minutes before!  We really should do something about getting an electrician to rewire some of the breakers downstairs.  But it’s more fun this way.

I must remind my guests  to remember to bring a flashlight the next time they are invited to my house for a party !

Sunday, Dec. 20

Why do I have a runny nose and watery eyes?

Today we went to my mom’s house for lunch.  Some of my cousins were there.   These ones are semi-normal.  I had an interesting conversation with my cousin, who had Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma at 19, followed by thyroid cancer, then breast cancer, and then melanoma.  She should be dead by now, but is still going strong.  Hope I have some of whatever genes she is carrying that is keeping her alive!

Runny nose and water eyes still bothering me at night.


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