It’s Christmas and I’m feeling pretty “Blah”

Well, my sister’s kid Gabriel had a cough again, so we weren’t able to go to Nonna’s house for lunch.  That was okay, because they brought some food over later anyway, and I felt really, really, tired.  I did manage to get up to go to my brother-in-laws house for turkey dinner though.  It was really good.

Today, I am barely able to get out of bed.  I am so tired, it is a real effort to move.  My teeth/nerve endings in my mouth are super sensitive, and I keep getting tingling feelings in my feet.  My hands are starting to swell too and they feel weird.  I am very irritable.  Not looking forward to tomorrow, crash day.


Dec. 27

Just want to cocoon.  My knees are hurting and it’s hard to walk without moving about like a chimpanzee.  Lucky for me, Michelle took the kids for a good chunk of the day so I was able to sleep and then watch a DVD.  Feeling a bit better by the evening.  Hopefully, I will start getting back my strength and be more mobile tomorrow.


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