Reindeer Food

On the last day of school before the holidays, Frack brought home a large bag of “Reindeer Food” to put out  for the Santa’s Reindeer on Christmas Eve.  You wanna make sure Santa’s reindeer stop at our house a a quick snack, you know.

Well, mommy was in her pajamas on that fateful night when we did not feed the reindeer.

I’m not quite sure what happened to the bag, but it went missing for a while… but not for long.

You see, it turned up a few days ago, when I was in a vegetative state in my bed.

Bobo was suppose to be minding the children.  Hubbys  idea of “watching” children consists of letting them play upstairs, while you clean up downstairs… a very bad idea.  Ask any mom.

When I finally managed to get out of bed (to use the bathroom), I found Frack in there “Christening” the bathroom with a holy bag of reindeer food.  There was bird seed crunching under my feet; it was all around the toilet, inside towels, all over the floor, and best of all – Frack yanked the drain plug from the sink and poured it into there too.

“BOBO”, I yelled, “Come see what your son did while you were downstairs.


Unfortunately, the trail did not end in the bathroom.  It extended its way across the hall, and into Frick’s room.

It was covered in birdseed; from the dresser drawer to the floor.

“What the @#$#@?! “, I shouted.

Frack, what were you planning on doing here? … inviting Santa’s Reindeer for a party in Frick’s room or something.  REINDEER FOOD BELONGS OUTSIDE, NOT in HERE!!

And there is Frick, lying on her bed, playing her DSI.  “Don’t look at me, mom, “ said Frick, “I didn’t do it”.

So I then just went back to bed.


Feeling much more like myself today.

The kids went to the Woodbine Shopping Centre with their cousins to go on some rides!

Nobody’s home…. another day of peace and quiet!  But it didn’t start that way….

The cat knocked over  my artificial Christmas trees downstairs which we had decorated with Disney ornaments.

I don’t blame the cat.   I think Frack chasing it with a club may have had something to do with it.

We had a lot of causalities (7).

Tigger’s been beheaded, Mickey and Eeyore both lost an ear, Pluto a cap, and Ariel’s a paraplegic.

My favourite one, a porcelain one with Minnie and Mickey mouse kissing under mistletoe has also bit the biscuit.

I’ll have to see if I can order it online.  We bought that one when Bobo proposed at Disney World over 10 years ago, so I’m not sure what my chances are in finding another one. A friend of mine from church called.  I told her about the reindeer food and she told me to make sure it all gets cleaned up really well because lots of birdseed contains moth larvae in them and I may have an infestation soon!

Gotta go find the vacumn cleaner and do some serious cleaning.

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