That Was One H*** of a Treatment Today

I did NOT have a good day today.

It first started when we got to the hospital late (8:30).  Bobo drove; my older sister met me there to stay with me and drive me home.  It was very crowded; two or three times as many people as usual.

I opted to see the Doctor because I had very important questions to ask him about body scanners and fake boobies with gel in them which customs officers may try to detonate, and I had about 50 other questions.

Well, I waited 3 hours to get my blood tested, medicine, and all I got to see was a young, wacky Indian resident who thought she knew everything and really didn’t.  She told me I had one more Taxotere treatment after this and then I was going to be referred to a radiologist.

“Wait a minute, you must have me mistaken for someone else”, I told her.  No one ever told me I had to have radiation.  I had a mastectomy and only 2 lymph nodes were involved, and no one said anything about radiation after this.

“Well”, she answered in her prissy voice, “Things change…  we get new protocols every two weeks.”

“How long is that suppose to take because I was told I was suppose to go back to work in April”, I told her.

“You start radiation 6 weeks after your last treatment, and you get radiation every day for 20 – 25 days.”

“She is out of her freaking mind,” I thought to myself.   I asked her many other questions and she gave me quite flippant remarks and rolled her eyeballs at me.

I also asked her to add 4 more steroids with my next treatment because I was short 4 for this one.  But she didn’t listen and didn’t do it when I got my prescription from the nurse later on.

When I saw my oncology nurse, I asked her about radiation and why wasn’t I told before this.  She went and asked the doctor and he said no radiation for me!  So there.  Stupid resident.

I told my nurse I didn’t like the resident and the next time I had any questions, I would ask her instead.

I waited about 2 hours to speak to a nut bar.  Then my nurse tried to find her to get my prescription changed, gave up, and said she wasn’t going to deal because it was too time-consuming and proceeded to find me 4 of the pills for free.  I really like her!

So then my feet and fingers were put on ice.

I was doing okay for a while; it’s only an hour treatment (then a 1 hour wait period) – however I started having a strange, hoarse cough after about 40 minutes.  My oncology nurse went for lunch (at around 2:00) and then I started to have chest pains and breathing problems.

So I called on the nurse who was with another patient and told her I wasn’t feeling quite up to snuff.  She quickly turned off the machine delivering the Taxotere.  She took my blood pressure and it was something like 75 over 90 (not good) and she started looking pretty worried.  Then she gave me a saline drip.

My regular nurse was paged and came back pretty quickly.  My oncologist was at PMH next door and was on his way, and the wacky Indian resident was no where to be found.  Why is it that I am always getting into predicaments like this? Why?  Tell me please.  Oh I know, so I have interesting stories to write about in my blog, of course.

I told my nurse that I did NOT want the resident anywhere near me, so she went looking to see if she could find another doctor because I was having a reaction.  She found someone that she works with on another day at the hospital and he checked my breathing.  It was clear.  Then they kept checking my blood pressure, which eventually started to get back to normal.  I only had 15 minutes left of the Taxotere and my nurse said they would probably continue it later.  She said that it wasn’t the Taxotere I was having a reaction to; it was the one and only solvent they used to mix it up with to get it into the IV.   Apparently about 10% of people react to the solvent, and I’m one of them.  She also said that if I start having chest pains at home, I need to come to the hospital right away.  Last time, I had chest pains at around Day 3 and 4 – that means Sunday/Monday.  I may be calling people for a ride because I have no one at home with me during the day the week.  Anybody available to be my ambulance?  If I turn blue, I guess my local hospital would be the closest one, but my nurse said to try to get to this one because all my records were here and my doctor is on call Monday- Friday.   If I get the weird cough again, I’m suppose to take some Benadryl to try to stop the allergic reaction.  Then I was told I would need to get a chest X-ray before I left the hospital.  If they find anything in my lungs, this will be my last Taxotere treatment.  I wonder what they will do to me then?

Eventually I was put back on the rest of the taxotere, waited an hour for observation, and went for my chest X-ray.

Just after 4:00, I got to my car and What to my Wondrous Eyes Should Appear under my windshield wiper, but a $30.00 Parking Ticket.

My husband put my temporary expired (Dec) handicapped parking sticker on the dashboard and the current one was flipped over to the side with my name on it.  Do I have a leg to stand on if I fight it in court because I really don’t want to pay for it since I do have a valid permit?

My face is flushed and I am not sleepy and it is after 11:00 o’clock.

I really did not have a good day.

P.S.  I am actually not going anywhere for a while.

My oncologist said it wasn’t a good idea to travel to Europe…. at least until the fall.  Bummer

“Better to stay in North America,” he said.  Told me to drive to Washington to the Smithsonian Museum to see the Impressionists Paintings there.


It’s 3:30 a.m. and I’ve been awake since 2:55.

Went to bed at around 1:00.

So everybody,  WAT’S UP?


Frack heard me and is calling me.

Gotta go



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