Weight On My Chest

January 19

Weight on My Chest

At around 4:00 yesterday afternoon  I started getting worried because I was beginning to have breathing problems again and felt that weird familiar weight on my chest.  I really didn’t want to make a trip to the hospital and was hoping it would go away.   Lucky for me, Andrea and Steve came over shortly thereafter with my kids from the day-care.  Boy was I relieved to see both of them!  I took some children’s Benadryl because that was all I had at home.  It helped a bit.   Steve went out and picked up some adult Benadryl for me at Shoppers Drug Mart.  We had dinner (Thanks Andrea!) and Bobo finally arrived home.

I took the adult Benadryl an hour before I went to bed when I thought the Children’s Benadryl wore off.  It made a huge difference and I was able to sleep soundly last night.  I’m feeling pretty good today.  Frack didn’t make it to day-care this morning.  He was complaining his stomach hurt and he was still grumpy from getting up early yesterday morning.  So I kept him at home this morning.  He has been quietly pitter-pattering around the house drawing on paper.  Right now he is sitting under the computer table with me writing notes.

I phoned ETF to find out more about our Long Term Disability Plan.

I got the distinct impression that unless I’m dead, I will be returning to work on April 5th.


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