Hoarder No More!

Today, I am soooo proud of myself.

Good ‘ole Cathy inspired me to Get Rid of all the (bleep) out of my closets.

That’s right…. it’s almost all gone.  Ten bags full!  (She told me I could buy more).

I honestly didn’t think I had that much stuff, but BOY WAS I WRONG.

I didn’t want the bags to hang around my house, least my husband went through it when he got home to resurrect some of it (he is the true hoarder in the house – especially when it comes to toys).  But all of the junk making it’s way to the Diabetes Assn. was pretty much my old clothes.

I don’t really know why I was still hanging onto ancient stuff with shoulder pads in them.  But I’ve come to the conclusion that it is much easier to get rid of it when someone makes funny faces at you and  yells, “Are you KIDDING… get RID of it – when you are not too sure.   Those “undecided” items always seemed to make their way back into the closet before but not with Cathy around.

I wanted to quit several times during the day, but Cathy is relentless.  “Not yet”, she would keep on saying.  You’re doing good… we’re almost done.  Man, she tires me out.  I was ready for bed at 6:00 tonight.

Next room, is Hope’s!  Got to get that done before her furniture arrives.  They called to deliver it on Friday but I told them to wait until next week so I could clear out her room and get the carpet cleaned and steamed.

I would really like to have a go at Bobo’s closets (especially his hole-y socks), but I think he would kill me.  The basement is kind of scary too, but I have a purpose when I get down there… to get rid of the toys my kids have grown out of.   No more procrastination!

I smell something burning – like rubber.

Yelled at Bobo to come find out what it is.

Several minutes later…. I feel like I’m being asphyxiated

Bobo seems to think it’s all in my head… for a while and then asks me to sniff the ceiling fan.

I think he’s nuts until he unscrews the light bulb and holds it to my nose.  “Yuck!  That’s IT”, I yell.  Turns out the smell came from one of those new, energy efficient bulbs.  I really don’t like them… why do they smell like burning rubber?  We never had problems with the old light bulbs.  Damn government should have left them the way they were.

I had a lovely visit from our guidance councillor (Nicole) today who made us chili, a caesar salad, and dessert.  She said she was surprised that my kids left the day-care with a total stranger.  I don’t think they would have gone if I hadn’t told them that she was coming though.  Usually they are cling-ons.

I’m coming to the school some time tomorrow to give people back their stuff (DVD’s, cookware, and wigs).  I’ve decided life is much easier being bald and I don’t need anything on my head.  I can’t wait till it gets warmer so I can shock the world.

After all, Bald is Beautiful, y’know.

By the way, here is an interesting tidbit of information I bet you didn’t know.

Believe it or not, when you are bald and you get out of the shower, you only need one towel for your head.  And as long as that’s covered, the rest of you is never cold.  Usually (with long hair) when I get out of the shower, I’m always freaking freezing.  But not now.  And I don’t have to blow dry it or anything.  It’s literally Wash and Wear!

P.S.  Someone phoned me from the Long Term Disability office who assured me that I actually did have some options about returning back to work.  After yesterdays panic attack, I am in dire need of a shrink, I think.  I don’t exactly want to go back to school bald and with no eye brows.


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