Panic Attack

For some inexplicable reason, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. today in a cold sweat.

“OMG”,“ I thought, “I hid my jewelry in my purple and burgundy jackets and a sock in my sock drawer and sent them to the Diabetes Association.  I jumped out of bed and in leaped to my pretty bare closet.  Then I went to my sock drawer.  “AHHHHH”, not in the corner where I had stashed it.  Horrified, I then went to Bobo’s bedroom and woke him up (he sleeps in another room because his snoring is at the same decibel level as an airplane taking off from an airport).  “OMG”, I told him, “Remember how I stashed my jewelry in my clothes because I thought someone had broken into our house.   I sent it to the Diabetes Association.”  “Oh”, he said.  “You should always check the pockets before you throw something out.  Why don’t you drive over there and see if the bags are still there”.  Hopeful, I quickly changed and raced down to where the drop off donation box was located.  There was nothing around the box when I got there.  Crestfallen, I drove back home crying.  “I lost my Baptism necklace and my Confirmation Bracelet – you had better not tell mom and dad this when you read this (sisters) and I mean it.  Boy was I upset.  I cried a good hour when I got home in Bobo’s arms.  Damn I’m going to have puffy eyes tomorrow.  For some reason I headed to the bathroom and found my Baptism necklace dangling on a hook.  “Thank God”, I thought, “At least I still got this”.

Frack was not a happy camper all night.  He had a slight fever and his bottom front tooth was coming out.  Every couple of hours he would cry, “My tooth hurts”.  I gave him some Tylenol.  I really did not want to take out his tooth, envisioning the screaming that went on with that when my father pulled out my teeth and those of my sisters.

I was kind of hoping that his tooth would fall out at school or day-care really because I DID NOT want to pull it out.  I tried briefly on Thursday and he almost bit me.  So both of us were miserable this morning and he refused to go to day-care.  I told him he could stay home, but Cathy was coming to help clean out Hope’s room and he would have to stay out of our way.  He agreed and he pretty much kept to his word – other than the fact that he got hungry at 11:00 and wanted to go to McDonald’s to get an Alvin and the Chipmunk Toy.

When Cathy came in I told her the whole torrid story, crying my heart out.  The only jewelry I found were my religious ones … 3 Crosses….  That just sent a shiver down my spine.  Too weird to be explainable.


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