Buzz Cut

So I got my head shaved off yesterday.  It was quite quiet at the salon.  All the patrons were deadly silent while I chatted up a storm.

It actually feels kind of neat, this buzz cut.  Frack liked it too.

Eight more weeks till my hair begins to sprout… just in time for spring.

I am so looking forward to my next Chemo treatment on Feb. 4 so I can get this damn Picc. Line out of my arm.  No more cow glove accompanying me in the bath.  Alleluia.

I started to read some stuff on the internet about the pill Tamoxifen, which is the next drug I will need to take for 5 years.  Apparently it blocks cancer cells from taking the estrogen in my body to reproduce itself.  I can’t remember all the side effects, but the ones I do remember quite clearly include the fact that I am going to have more hot flashes, become very hairy and swollen, and maybe become anxious and depressed.


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