Pom Pom Emergency Visit

My newest emergency.  I swear this one is the best one yet.

Guess where I was today?  I’m sure by this time, you don’t even have to guess, you know.

Even the receptionist at Sick Kids recognized me.  How scary is that?

“You ‘re looking good today”, she said to me when I walked up to the window….Very ahhh..Pink, flushed actually”.  (I didn’t tell her I had a bit of wine at lunch at Nonna’s house – either my “pinkness” is that or I’m getting a rash on my face).  And no, I didn’t drive us to the hospital…Bobo did.

“How are you feeing?,” she asked.

“I’d be better if I wasn’t at 5 different hospitals in 2 1/2 weeks”, I told her.

“So what is wrong with Frack today?”, she asked.

“Oh, he shoved a pink pom-pom up his nose and it’s stuck in there. We couldn’t get it out”, I responded.

She laughed, shook her head, and said, “Frack!”, in an exacerbated voice.

How do you think I feel?…  I’m his mother.

I left to get my Grande Decaffeinated Lactose free Gingerbread latte with whip cream preparing myself for the 4 hour wait.

When I got back to the emergency room, I only saw Bobo there.  “Where’s Frack?”, I asked sipping my coffee.  “In there”, he said, pointing to a room.  Shortly thereafter I heard someone scream, “I GOT IT…. I GOT IT”.  “Alleluia”, I sighed, “If this isn’t the fastest visit yet”

Frack came running out of the room all smiles.

“See ya next week,” Bobo told all the nurses and the receptionist.

They all laughed as we waved bye-bye.

Frack is not getting a Winnie-The-Pooh from the gum ball machine today.



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