Pancake Tuesday

Today I went to my school for breakfast which I loved.

Then I went to Frick’s school to flip pancakes for the morning.  They make pancakes for the whole school.   However, we were done at around 10:45 and they were being served  lunch at 12:00.  Who likes cold pancakes?  Not me.  Yuck  (the kids didn’t seem to mind though).

Then I came home and Punam visited me.  We were suppose to go shopping for windows, but decided not to, thank heavens because flipping those pancakes for 3 hours pretty much did me in.

I still am pink (hives) and my eyes have been watering again.  Allergies.  One of the moms from my school who is a cancer survivor, and an old elementary school friend, has a theory.  The chemo drugs reside in your fat cells and you never know when they are going to show themselves- even months and years later.  Lovely.  Lucky me.

I think she is right.


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