Washington Trip

August 30, 2010

Washington Trip

We did what my oncologist suggested, drove to Washington, since I couldn’t fly to Europe to see impressionist paintings.  There are something like 19 museums there and they are all free.

Bobo and Frack set off the alarms a couple of times at the National Museum of Art.  They both kept getting to close to the paintings/walls.  It was fun watching the serious looking guards come running into the rooms we were in.  They must have been glad when we left!

I got some more good art books in the book store.  Bobo said we were being watched there too!

I got the book I was looking for about Degas and the Kitty Cats.  And I got a new one about Mary Cassatt and her puppy.  The cost is so much cheaper in the States for books and they have such a selection.

I saw a painting of Monet’s japanese bridge and some of Mary Cassatt’s beautiful pictures at the opera.  They were gorgeous!  Frick liked Gum Gum (from the Night at the Museum – Easter Island) at the Smithsonian.

My floors are looking GOOD.  Just got rid of the horrible white wall-to-wall carpets.  Now I want to change the rest of the house (stairs, Kitchen tiles, windows, etc).  I just need to win the lottery!

Gotta go.

Tomorrows Hope’s birthday and I’m gearing up for the big event.

I’m starting work 1/2 time (afternoons) in September until I’m physically ready to work full time.