Bike Accident

Yesterday I got hit by a bike.

I’d sue…  but the driver was my daughter.

I’m not quite sure how she did it, but let me tell you, I went FLYING!  She somehow managed to trip me from behind with her tire.  (This will teach me not to walk in front of her while she is riding her bike).

I think I would have been okay, had I not been carrying 2 children’s backpacks over my good arm.  As I tried to brace myself for the fall, my fingers (and wrist) went backwards from the weight of the backpacks.  So I essentially landed on my face and my bad hand.  Lucky for me I didn’t scratch my hand or I could have a bigger problem (lymphedema).  That apparently happens when you cut yourself and you get an infection because the lymph nodes in your arms don’t work properly.

As I lay pitifully on the ground staring at the curb, my kids were wailing louder than me.  You would have thought I was dead, the way they carried on.   I was in shock.   One minute, I was walking, the next minute I’m on the ground!  And my right fingers/hand were killing me.  Scrapped both my knees too.

Thankfully, we had just left Michelle’s house and were nearby. Her kids ran to get help.  Both Michelle and her husband came a-running soon thereafter.  They were greeted by my hysterical kids.  Frack kept telling Frick that she killed me.  It took a while for Michelle’s husband to calm the down.  Michelle got me some ice and her husband helped me up.  I hobbled to her car and we were all driven home.  The bikes stayed at Michelle’s house.  I will never let Hope ride her bike behind me again!

We went to Swiss Chalet for dinner because I really wasn’t in the mood to cook.  Once there, I ordered a white wine with my 1/4 chicken dinner hoping it would make me feel better.  And it did.  I would have had something stronger ‘cept I’m not suppose to have alcoholic beverages with my medication Tamoxifen.  I wasn’t suppose to have that coffee and carrot cake either, but sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do.

Today, I woke up feeling awful.  Every bone in my body was aching.  I think I’d better listen to the doctor and work just the 3 hours and GO HOME.  I’ve been staying later to do some planning and photocopying and my shoulder has been killing me.  I’m not sure what the cause is, but I think it’s because I have been writing on the chalkboard.  I’ve been soaking in the tub every night and using my Dr. Ho muscle massager/muscle zapper.  That usually does the trick, but not this time.   Tomorrow, I’ve got an appointment with a massage therapist!  I hope it works.



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