Congestive Heart Failure, More Tests & ER visits

I went to my family doctor for my yearly physical.  I had some pain in my pelvis area and was sent for an ultrasound and a blood test.  I told her I was always tired and she said that that was to be expected after not working for a year.

Saturday/Sunday Sept. 25, 26, 2010 -chest pains, shortness of breath; generally not feeling well

Monday, Sept. 27, 2010 -felt so sick, didn’t go to work, went to sleep, felt like chemo all over again (electrifying shocks)

Wed. Sept. 29, 2010  -at home that night, felt awful, went to bed, started crying when I woke up; couldn’t move

Oct. 1 appt., 2010  Cysts in ovary; need to see a gynecologist.

October 14, 2010  Went to see the oncologist.  Told him my back was hurting so he sent me for a Bone X-ray.

October 27, 2010  Follow-up Heart Echo Test; really not feeling so hot

October 31, 2010 Last day of Work

Nov. 9, 2010  My heart’s in trouble.  I now have congestive heart failure.  It’s not pumping efficiently.  The ejection fraction is 32% which is not good.  Now I have to start a new drug called carvedilol.  When I went to see my family doctor she said, “It’s either going to get better, stay the same (in which you will have a heart of an 85 year old and will need a scooter by the summer to keep up with your kids), or it will get worse.   By worse, I think she means a heart transplant.

November 11, 2010  Ended up in emergency, downtown.  I collapsed 3 times at home.  The ER doctor told me it’s probably the medication I’m on….too strong.  He told me that I will keep collapsing if I get dehydrated or if my blood pressure gets too low.  I already have low blood pressure; this medicine makes it even lower.  When I asked my  cardiologist about this, she told me to suck it up.  I don’t like her.

December 26, 2010  I really and truly felt horrible today.  We were driving near Bobo’s parent’ house when I felt the life literally being sucked out of me.  Told Bobo to get to the nearest hospital because something was really wrong with me.  More heart tests and chest x-ray.  Coughing a lot, chest pains, vomiting and I am so dizzy.

January 12, 2011  Cardiologist told me to keep taking this drug that’s suppose to be making my heart better. I told her I wanted to start exercising or do something to help myself because I felt terrible.   The wait for the cardiac rehab clinic near me is too long so I’m going to apply to one that is farther away.  Whoever calls me for a space in one of their programs, I’m there.