Toronto Cardiac Rehab

April 2011

I’m doing pretty good now at Toronto Cardiac Rehab. I can now walk 2 miles in 40 minutes.  I’ve learned how to take my pulse and to exercise properly without killing myself/overdoing it.  The supervisors here are great and they have fantastic sessions about what to eat and how keep yourself healthy when you have heart problem.  They even have a nutritionist.  It’s exactly what I need…exercise and good, sound advice.  They do a good job monitoring me too on the track.  Whenever I was feeling dizzy or about to collapse, they would hook me up to a monitor to see what was happening.  Usually it was because my blood pressure got too low.  I was advised by the doctor on site to go get a coffee the last time that happened.  It worked.  That bit of caffeine did the trick. (otherwise, I’m not suppose to have any caffeine as it  makes my heart race).