Pity Party

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, but  I was having a pity party for myself.  Still experiencing strange head ticks when I hear certain sounds.  And I’m still bopping to music, although it seems a bit less exaggerated today.  However, my head has been jiggling side to side sometimes when I walk.

But at least I’m not holding my arms in front of me when I walk, which is something I was doing previous to today.  I am much more balanced today then I have been in 5 days.

My father decided to come over the my house right now and mow the lawn and my head is shaking, shaking, shaking because of the noise.   I would really like to tell him to stop, but then he’d come inside and drive me nuts.  So I went and lay down.  Interesting enough, my head stopped shaking, but an area in my brain above the left ear started throbbing.

I’m going to get the veins in my legs checked out today.  I asked for this test because a side effect for Tamoxifen is deep vein thrombosis.  I had a massage recently, and I figured I’d better check that out because my Aunt had vericose veins and when she had her husband massage her leg, he dislodged a blood clot and she had a stroke.

I’m going to see my oncologist, family doctor, and cardiologist tomorrow.

I hate doctors.

As you can tell, I’m having anger management issues with my health care professionals.  But I’m going to have to be civil with my cardiologist at least, because she is going to be shoving a camera down my throat tomorrow.

I think I hate her the most.

I spoke to my oncologist nurse from LTD.  She said the report she received about my condition from the ambulance driver clearly states that I had a stroke.  “That’s nice,” I told her, “Then why did that doctor at emergency tell me to go see a psychiatrist?”  She said, “So I wouldn’t worry so much”.   Are you kidding me.  That makes it even worse.  He probably didn’t want to look dumb in front of all those interns.  Gee whiz, we haven’t figured out what caused your stroke, so it must all be in your head.  I’m not as clever as Dr. House… but I want to impress my students, so I’m going to send you to a shrink before you bother us again at emergency.


Ta ta.



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