The Coffee Cart

I ended up in the hospital again Friday.  I was at “Heart Central Station” for my Stroke Prevention Clinic assessment from 9:00 – 12:00.  They sent me downstairs for blood work. They must have taken about 20 vials of blood.  I didn’t feel so hot, so they kept me a little while in the lab.  When I felt I could get up the lady helped me to the door.  I figured I had better go get something to eat.  I started walking in the lobby and felt weak.  So I grabbed the sandwich bar cart to steady myself.  The woman behind the counter came up to me and asked me if I needed some help.  I told her I was very dizzy and I was using her counter to stand up, so she assisted me to a nearby seat.  I asked her if  I could buy a sandwich and she brought one to me.  It was disgusting.  

Then I thought I should go to the food court upstairs to find some better food.  I stood up, whirled around, and the next thing I know I was walking backwards uncontrollably.  My brain kept screaming, “Stop, Stop,” but I couldn’t stop running backwards until I smashed into a coffee cart.  I tried to regain my balance by hanging onto the cart, but the damn thing was on wheels and we both went flying.  I fell to the ground. Everything went fuzzy white in the lobby for a while.  

The next thing I know all these people were around me asking me if I was all right.  I decided I had better tell them my medical history real quick, just in case I blacked out.  Told some woman I had a stroke Sunday (TIA).  I think she was forwarding the information to someone else because the next thing I know I heard CODE BLUE in the lobby.  “Sh**”, I thought.  I don’t think I’m having another stroke, I’m not paralyzed.  Then my right arm started flapping.  Now I had a crowd of people around me and someone was yelling “Stand back everyone, stand back”.  So the woman who told someone I was having stroke said to me, “What’s wrong with your arm.  Can’t you control it?”   “NO”, I told her.  SHE’S HAVING A SEIZURE!, she yells to someone.  CODE RED, CODE  RED in the lobby, I heard the P.A. system blare.  “Great”, I thought. Then someone else put a blanket beneath my head and that lady grabbed my flapping arm and tried to restrain it.  I wasn’t too happy about that because I needed to flap and she was hurting me.  Then a doctor came.  Basically I was in the right place to come crashing to the ground because I had a whole bunch of doctors, nurses and volunteers ready to assist me.  That must have been quite a scene – watching me run backwards crashing into a coffee cart.   I had lots of spectators, especially with the CODE BLUE “in the lobby” announcement.  Who’s dying?

So about 7 people lifted me into a stretcher and carted me off to emergency for the 3rd time this week.  I saw a crash cart was brought to the lobby.  Glad they didn’t have to paddle me!  

They took me to triage.  The guy recognized me from one of my previous visits.  I handed over my new Hospital card and phoned one of my friends, who lives about 2 minutes away. Then a security guard asked me who I was.  I had to explain what happened to about 3 times to different people, but the best one was when I was talking to a blond doctor.  She said, “So what happened to you”.  “Well”, I explained, I gave blood (about 20 vials), went to the lobby, and next thing I know I was walking backwards and smashed into a coffee cart.  “Are you pregnant?’, she asked.  “No”, I answered.  She seemed somewhat confused, so I said, Okay, this is the short version. Cancer, mastectomy, chemo, heart failure, stroke.  “Are you having a baby?”, she asked me again.  “Are you kidding?” I answered.  I’ve already got two and I really don’t need any more.”  “Are you in labour?”, she asked. “No”, I answered, “Why?”  She said that she was an OB. and someone had paged her to come to emergency to deliver a baby.  I laughed and said, “No baby here, but thanks for the good laugh”.  Code Blue, Code Red and now an OB doctor.  I sure had them hopping today!

My friend came real quick.  Quicker than my husband on Sunday. Thank God she lives so close.  She calmed me down. 

So I was in emerg. from about 1:00 to 11:00 at night.  I could not stand up by myself.  At one point my right eye started to droop and I felt weird.  My head started to twitch sideways and my arm flapped again.  “That”, said the resident,”Warrants you another CT Scan”.  “Great, more radiation,” I thought.  They found nothing.  All my blood work came back normal (they were checking to see if I was anemic or had low blood sugar). So in the end, they said they didn’t know what was happening to me, but I was to call the Stroke Prevention guy I was talking to earlier that morning to get an MRI done ASAP.  They put me on Warfarin (a blood thinner) which I will have to probably take for about 6 months.    It has a whole bunch of interesting side effects (like internal bleeding) which I’m not too happy about and a long list of foods I am not allowed to eat. Like the food that I’m suppose to be eating to keep my cancer away like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc.  It’s okay though, ’cause I didn’t like them very much to begin with.

This week (Thursday), I’m having my a T.E.E.  Basically, they are going to shove a camera down my throat to take pictures of my heart.    Apparently, that’s the last test they are going to do in a quest to find out why I had a T.I.A.   None of the others tests showed anything significant.

So now I am not allowed to drive or do housework.  The housework, I won’t miss, but the driving really puts a damper on things.  I’m afraid to go out, lest something else happens to me. So basically I’m housebound.  I think I am going to start blogging again or I’m going to go nuts. I like checking my emails because for some reason it makes me feel better when people write to me about my pathetic life.  



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