Head Twitching

Sunday, May 8- email from my cousin who I will name Boo Boo 

Boo Boo  ( how are you now?     i am at work    did you go to church?)

I wanted to (go to church), but I didn’t.  I lay down for a bit before dinner and when I got up, I started flapping again.  My older sister put on the radio and my head started moving back and forth to the beat of the music.  She told me to stop it.  She thought I was doing it on purpose and she didn’t think it was a good idea.  I had no control of my head bopping from side to side.  The faster the music, the more my head swayed.

Frick and Frack were laughing their heads off.  “Why are you doing that mom?”, they asked me.

Do you think I CAN HELP IT?  I asked them.

Are you Autistic mom?

What does that mean anyway? asks Frick.

Lovely dinner twitching, let me tell you.

I had difficulty getting my chicken burger in my mouth.

But at least I was entertaining everyone at the table.

I find I am worse after I lay down.  I guess there is pressure on the back of my head when I do that.  Now that I have been on the computer for a while, I seem to be okay.  But how I am suppose to go to sleep?  Upright?  This is too weird.

Boo Boo:  (sleep in the rocking chair, answers my cousin).

Maybe I should call another ambulance so I can sleep on one of those reclining stretchers.

You have got to come back here.  The paramedics are gorgeous.  We’ll keep calling them until we find one that you like.  And boy, oh boy wait until you get to the ambulance bay area.  If your lucky, there are about 5 or 6 busses there (translates to 10-12 hunks).  Even my husband said that the pre-requisite for being a paramedic/ambulance driver is to be good-looking.

Boo Boo (am on the next flight out…)

That’s great!  I’d come gettcha, but I’m banned from driving!

Boo Boo (Just come via the Heart Attack Central Hospital with an ambulance)

What a great idea.  I’m getting tired.  Gotta go to bed.  I hope my dad is coming to take the kids to school tomorrow.

One thought on “Head Twitching

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