My Adventure At The Pickle Barrel

Yesterday I went back to the Heart Attack Hospital, hoping to speak to the Neurologist, but he wasn’t in.  I’m happy to report that I made it out of the parking lot this time without having a flapping “seizure”.  I gave the TEE and MRI results to a secretary there and she said he wouldn’t get it until Monday.

I decided to go visit my eye doctor.  Before and after chemotherapy, I went and got a picture of the back of my eyeballs.  I thought I’d better return and get him to check my eyes again to see if anything has changed.  He took me in right away.  I was having difficulty in the waiting room because it was so noisy, my head was bobbing uncontrollably.  My older sister was trying to tell this kid to stop banging something together, but I told her not to worry about it.  I tried plugging my ears.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long.

My optimologist started testing my eyes.  He said that as far as he could see there were no problems in the optic section of my brain.  He put some drops in my eyes and took me to another room but I started to react to all the sounds.  He had to hold me because I lost my balance again.  An ambulance went by, some computer made some noise, and the phone rang.  My head zig zagged.  My eye doctor was in awe.  “That’s incredible,” he said.  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  At least he never said I was nuts.  He was kind enough to charge my visit to OHIP so I wouldn’t have to go to the lobby to pay for the visit.  He’s a saint, let me tell you.  I love my eye doctor.

I then convinced my sister to drive me to the nearby Pickle Barrel so I could buy Frack some coleslaw and potatoe salad.  I was doing really well until5 I finished paying for my food items.  The phone rang.  This was no ordinary telephone ring.  It was deafening.  My arms involuntary shot to the sky, my head shook, and I lost my balance.  As I was plummeting backwards, my sister had the where with all to catch me before I fell and then the phone rang again. I had another “attack”.  My sister started screaming,  “Pick up the phone!  pick up the phone!”  The poor woman was in shock.  She picked up the phone and couldn’t say a word because she was wondering what the hell just happened to me.  My sister quickly ushered me out of the restaurant and to the car where I sat until she went back to pick up my purchases.  I don’t know how she explained that scene to the poor woman behind the cash.  She basically told the cashier that I was sensitive to sounds and the phone did that to me.  “What’s wrong with her?,” she asked.  “The doctors don’t know”, she answered.  “That was incredible”, said the man next in line.  There were 3 teenagers sitting on a seat playing on their cellphones/Ipods.  They stopped what they were doing when my sister and I walked hesitantly past them.  Their mouths were gapping open.  I think I am going to become an agoraphobic (people who are afraid to leave the house).


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