My Tormenters

Frack and Bobo are taking advantage of my condition.

If Frack wants me to do something and I say, “No”,  or don’t do what he asked me to do fast enough, he says, “Oh yeah, Oh yeah!  Do you want me to do this” (and he will then proceed to bang objects around to watch me bobble).  All this attitude from a 5 year old. Go figure.

And my husband.  He’s even worse.

He was making dinner on Saturday night and decided to yell “Bam”  “Bam”  “Bam” every time he put a vegetable into a pot like Emeril on T.V. just to watch me jump.  And when I complained, he started singing, “Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, really fast like and train.  My head dutifully bobbed quickly from side to side.

“Quit it”, I yelled, which only made everyone laugh even more.

This sucks.




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