My Sister, MD

I happy to report that I think my older sister has successfully figured out what is wrong with me.  She researched “hypersensitivity to sound” and discovered that it occurs in people who have a deficiency in the mineral Magnesium.  I started taking magnesium tablets since Thursday and it has made a world of difference.  Today, I can actually listen to music in the car without bobbing.  I’m still sensitive to sound, but it is not nearly as bad as it was last week.

Her diagnosis actually made sense.  I was in Emergency that one Sunday with the stroke and at my local hospital, the Monday.  They don’t feed you when you are in emergency because they expect you to leave.  I did get an egg sandwich at around 8:30 that night  The next morning, they gave me a horrible little bran muffin that tasted like sh**.  Luckily there was a Tim Hortons in the hospital and I went and had a decaf. coffee and a bagel.  Damn good thing I could walk there, unlike those other poor old patients who were bedridden.  They had to eat the shitty muffin.  All I can say is, don’t ever get sick, because if you end up in the hospital with no one to feed you real food, you might as well be dead.

Let me now tell you about my son.  Frack tried his,  “Oh yeah.  I am going to do this if you don’t do as I say” .  This time I said, “Oh Yeah!  Try it”.  He started banging two objects together and my head didn’t move.  You should have seen the look of pure shock on his little face.

DEFEATED at last!  The little sh**.  Serves him right.




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