Too Many Needles

Tuesday, May 16, 2011

Went to my family doctor today.  I told her my story, including how I was sensitive to sound and walking backwards.  I also told her I was firing my cardiologist.  She said fine and who did I want to go to.  I gave her the name of someone at the Heart Attack hospital and told her I wanted to get off the heart drug Carvedilol a.s.a.p.  She didn’t think that was a good idea just yet.  Said it would probably take me at least 3 months for my heart to get better.  And after that, I should probably think about getting a hysterectomy because I will need to stay off the Tamoxifen. Lucky me.

I asked her if they will take a biopsy of whatever the heck is on my neck tonight.  She told me that they don’t do that if it is less than 1 cm long.  My cousin had a problem with her thyroid for 9 years and was taking medication for it.  She finally decided to go to another doctor.  He ordered the biopsy even though her growth was .9 mm long.  It was cancerous and they took the whole thing out.  My doctor said to ask my oncologist about it when I find out how long it is, because he may have some clout.

My other cousin, Sarah, had breast cancer and then she got thyroid cancer too.  I’m not liking the odds, right now because of my family history of thyroid problems.  I also discovered that thyroids can make your heart go bananas.

That could also explain why I am always tired.

Wednesday, May 17, 2011

My family doctor wants me to go get some more blood work done today, but I’m not in the mood.  My arm is still sore from all the other pokes from last two weeks.  I have around 7 holes in my hand and many, many more on my arm.  I look like a drug user.  And the fact that one of the nurses put a see-through tegaderm bandage in the inside of my elbow didn’t help because I broke out in a rash.  (Kind of like what happened with the rash on my pic. line during chemo).

No one has been able to draw blood from my right arm in the first shot.  Then they try warming up my arm with a blanket.  That usually produces good results.  But yesterday, my favourite blood lab technician tried twice, and my veins kept collapsing.  She said she wasn’t going to try again.  I didn’t want her to either.  It’s too bad I can’t get any blood taken from my left arm, because of my mastectomy.  My right arm is taking a beating.

I phoned my doctor and she said, “Go tomorrow”.  I decided not go today.  Instead I went out for Dim Sum with my friend Julia and I also got my hair done (so that if one of my doctors or nurses kills me in the hospital, at least I will look good).

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