My Crazy, Lunatic Father Is At It Again

June 27, 2011

A Note to My Sisters

Dear Sisters:


It is 3:15 in the morning and I cannot sleep.

That is due to the fact that I went to mom & dad’s house after church this evening and saw something which I have never seen before.

Our crazy, lunatic father has successfully removed the antennae from the yard and has replaced it with a f*****g metal pole which extends approximately 10-15 feet higher than the house.

I asked him if he was NUTS.

I told him that other than the CN Tower, his pole (and house) is the next City of Toronto’s lightening rod.

Mom said that the last time there was a lightening storm, there was a HUGE BOOM and a RING OF FIRE in the backyard.

I again asked dad if he was NUTS.

He told me not to worry because he put a 6 foot lightening rod underground.

I am having heart palpitations while I write this.

What the h*** are we going to do about this?

He is going to blow up his house and the whole f*****g neighbourhood.

And we are due for a lightening storm on Tuesday.  Oh, let me correct that.  Monday night and Tuesday all day according to the weather network.


P.S.  And he is “working” all week at the animal place in his haz mat suit this week.  Should I remove Mother from the house and make her stay here until after the house is fried?