August 16, 2011

My doctors are all on holiday.

The cardiologist said I can go back to work and the oncologist said no. He wants me to visit some more doctors  because he thinks there’s more going on with my heart.  I’m having difficulty reaching him.  No one at his office has returned my messages.  My family doctor is not sure what to do with me.

And I’m getting a new oncologist in September, because mine is semi-retiring.  Now that I’m off the tamoxifen, my hormones are raging, which is not a good thing since my cancer feeds off of estrogen.  I’ve had 2 periods in 20 days and now I’m anemic.

I just wish my heart and body would settle down soon.  The LTD medical team told me not to go back on the tamoxifen, but my oncologist wants me back on it.  I’m not taking anything because I think they are all nuts.

I was hoping to be back at work in September.  I took 2 courses this summer (music and gym).  They were a lot of fun.  I miss my job.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kingston was great.  We were on our way to Montreal, but were told the hurricane was there.  So we went to Ottawa.  Nothing major there, so we later decided to go to Montreal after visiting the Museum of Civilization.  On our way there, we encountered Hurricane “Irene”.

Wasn’t too bad, but it’s frigin cold here and I didn’t anticipate a hurricane.  The weather channel said it was going to be sunny for 5 days.  I didn’t bring an umbrella (or raincoats for that matter).

Frack has been quite a pill on this trip and is driving me bananas.

I forgot my boob at home and feel lopsided.  (Just thought you might want to know that)


exhausted, one boob chick