School is Back

So GLAD  my kids are back to school.

And my husband says, “Why put them in camps…just let them stay home”.

It cost me about $850 for 3 weeks in camp, but it saved me my sanity, let me tell you!

My family trip to Montreal exhausted me.

I went to the “Heart Function Clinic” at a downtown hospital.  They are going to make me go through a whole bunch of heart tests (echo, bike test, etc.).

Basically this guy told me that the epirubicin (chemo. drug) was responsible for my “Cardiomyopathy” and it was not going to go back to normal any time soon… and I will probably have to stay on some kind of medication for the rest of my life.  I’m not too happy with that.  I was hoping it “may” get in the “normal” range with exercise, but apparently that was wishful thinking.  He did change my heart medication though because the carvedilol drug that I’m on interferes with people with asthma.  And I get asthma in October when the leaves fall and change colours.

I’m bummed out that I can not go on rides (roller coasters), saunas, hot tubs, etc.  He also suggested that I close the hole in my heart and get back on the tamoxifen.  Not crazy with that idea either.  The other cardiologist told me that even if they sewed up that whole in my heart there was a 50/50 chance I could get a clot on the suture line anyway, so what was the point.

All in all, a pretty crappy day at the doctors!

And Frack is not liking grade one.  I picked him up a little late yesterday and he was crying. And today when I brought him home, he again was in a really nasty mood.  Yelling at me and crying because he was “starving”.

I don’t think he is making a good adjustment to grade 1.  Yet he was so happy to be going back to school yesterday.  Frick seems happy in her class.

He’s whining about something again.

Gotta go


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