Zapper Want-A-Be’s

Had some pretty severe chest pains on Saturday, so I called Tele-health.  They called an ambulance, although I really didn’t want one.  The ambulance guys came (2), and then another guy with a defibrillator, and then the fire department.

Every Sunday, over the last 3 weeks the cops have been called to the house next door (due to husband/wife fighting re: custody of the kids).  But I think it’s safe to say that I attracted more attention this week!

So the defib. guy comes in and looks at me.  “Who called the ambulance?”, he asks.

“Tele-Health”, I answered.

“Who’s it for?” he said.

“That would be me”, I answered.

He looked pretty incredulous and said “AND how OLD are you?”.

“Forty-Six”, I told him.

“And have you HAD any HEART problems before”, he asks while rolling his eyes at me.

“Well, actually, I have”, I told him.

Hmmm…. Let me give you the short version… Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy, Heart Failure and a Stroke in May.  That seemed to perk his interest.  I guess I then warranted some attention.

I swear these guys ride around in an SUV all day waiting around to ZAP somebody with the defibrillator!  I crushed his dreams that day.

So they hook me up to all their little machines and told me I should go to the hospital.  I didn’t want to, but I went anyway.  Now I owe them $45 bucks.

Was there for a couple of hours while they checked to see if I had a heart attack.

Good news….I’m still alive.