What’s More Important, Your Life or a Christmas Concert?

Well folks, I’m back blogging.  Wanted to let you know the latest crazy medical adventure I am experiencing.  Not good news, unfortunately.

On Wednesday (Dec. 14) I had an ultrasound appointment because my doctor was keeping track of a 5 cm cyst which developed in September.  I have been having a lot of pain in my back and told the technician that I wanted the results as soon as possible because I was probably going to drive myself to the ER and didn’t want to have to do this test twice.  She told me that my doctor would get the results by tomorrow.  However, after my “check-up”, I guess she changed her mind and phoned my doctor right away because as soon as I got home, I had a message on my answering machine.  The secretary called and told me I had a large mass in the adnexa query MET.  Wasn’t sure what that meant, but it sounded serious.  She said I would need a CT scan or MRI as soon as possible.  That was enough to warrant a visit to a downtown hospital’s ER.

Unfortunately that was also the night of our Christmas Concert and I really wanted to conduct my choir.  However, my Irish Friend Maria dragged me into my car and told me, “What’s more important, your life, or a Christmas Concert?”.  Didn’t have much of a choice, let me tell you.  So off we went.  Although I was concerned about the “Large Mass” in my pelvic area, I was more concerned about the pain I was having in my back because it was not going away no matter how many massages I had.  After several hours in the ER, blood tests, etc.  I was told I had an appointment the next day for a CT scan (MRI’s are rarely done and would take weeks).

Maria was pointing out the lunatics in the ER that night.  I almost barfed when I went in there because there was a horrible distinct odour of urine in the hallway and all around the waiting area.  “See that guy,” she said pointing to a fellow in the stretcher, “He’s homeless,”  and those two, “They’re drunks”.  Then Maria gave me an orange rind to smell and a barf pan…. just in case.  I was really bummed out that I didn’t get to conduct my choir.

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