Another Ambulance Ride

Rough night.  Pain is great and I was really thirsty.

Woke up with a real bang.  The percocet wore off and I was in excruciating pain.  I started coughing and it felt like my back was going to blow up.  Then I started heaving, but I didn’t have any food to throw up.  I walked unsteadily to the kitchen and told Bobo to call an ambulance.  I felt really awful.

The ambulance attendants helped me walk to the stretcher outside.  When we got in the ambulance one of them poked me in the finger and drew out some blood.  Then she asked me if I was diabetic.  “No”, I told her.  “Your blood sugar level is really low”, she told me, and called Bobo to bring me some orange juice.  I had 2 cups and later she poked me in the finger again.  My blood sugar level improved… a 5.  Not sure was normal is, but she seemed happy about that.

The drive to my downtown hospital took a while.  So I told her some of my stories about why I hated my local Hospital….recounting my “No Nurse Assigned to Me” story (after my masectomy surgery) and how nutty the triage nurses were.  I could tell she was siding with me.  Bobo drove the car to the hospital.

Because I wasn’t walking normally, the ER doctor thought I was having a neurological problem (ie:  another TIA/stroke).  “Might need to take a brain scan,” he said, As well as a CT scan of the lung to make sure you aren’t having a pulmonary embolism”.  Although I really didn’t want to having another CT scan, Bobo convinced me it would be a good idea.  I just didn’t want to be told I also had lung cancer too.  I told the ER doctor not to worry about my unsteady gait…. I had this before and I lacked some essential minerals.  They did some blood work and told me that everything was normal, but they didn’t test my magnesium/manganese levels and that’s what did me in the last time.   Anyhow, I drank some gatorade (the potassium in it helped stabilize the heart arrhythmias I was having), did the CT scan, and lucky for me it came out clear.  No lung cancer or pulmonary embolisms (blood clots).  I was free to go home after about 8 hours at the ER.  Once again, what little food I had eaten that day blew out of my butt.  I hate CT Scan radioactive dye.

My kids were at my friend Michelle’s house.  They had slept over there on Thursday night and wanted to stay there again for another night.  I felt bad leaving them there, but was glad to have the chance to rest without them jumping all over me that night.  Thank heavens for Michelle.  She came over and picked them up after we called the ambulance in the morning and dropped them off to school.  She told the school what’s been happening and phoned Anna to let her know I was in the hospital again.  The staff party was suppose to be at my house that night.  I was so disappointed because I was so looking forward to having everyone at my house.  (I am convinced that my husband was a Christmas elf in a past life,  and he worked so hard decking out the place with Christmas stuff this year.  The crazy nut even put up 3 Christmas trees).

I later learned that the staff had cancelled the party and were going to reschedule it for next week.  That made me so happy because I didn’t want to miss the gift exchange.  I like watching people fighting for the stuff I’ve buy for under $20.  Sometimes when I pick stuff up I’m not sure if they are going to love it or hate it.  We’ll see……


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