Collapsing, Yet Again

Lost 5 pounds.  Decided to keep trying to make life as normal as possible under the circumstances, so off we went to the Market.  What a mistake that was.

I started feeling kind of funny when we got to the organic vegetable store.  Told Bobo I HAD to sit down because I was feeling weird.  Told him to pay for the items I picked up and made a bee line to the pasta place next door which had chairs.  Figured if I could get to one, I’d get something to drink and would be okay.  I got to the first table where a man was sitting down.  “Excuse me”, I asked the man, “Could I sit there?”  “No”, he answered, “I’m saving it for my wife”.  Next thing you know I am lying flat as a pancake on the ground behind him.  “Crap”, I thought, “Didn’t make it to a chair”.  “Call an ambulance”, somebody yelled.  “No, don’t,” I told a woman who had bent down to see if I was alright. “I’ve already been at the hospital 3 times.   I need some sugary drink…. a gatorade or something.”  I heard someone yell that I was diabetic and within seconds I was given an orange juice.  My head shaking/bobbing began.

Hope later told me that the guy’s wife appeared and asked him what happened to me.  He told her I asked him if I could sit down and he said no because he was waiting for her.  Needless to say, they abruptly left together.

I was helped to his empty chair shortly after finishing my first drink of orange juice.  Still felt unsteady and stayed in that chair for quite a while.  Told Bobo what to buy and off he went.  Managed to get someone to make me a coffee… figured that would help me if my blood pressure was low.  Was pondering how the heck I was going to get out of that place.  When Bobo came back he got me a grilled salmon sandwich hoping the protein would help me.  I ate half of it.  Then Bobo told me to grab onto the grocery cart with wheels and use it like a walker.  That was a good idea.  We got to the other end of the market near the exit.  We went to the vegetable store we used to get our stuff before I went organic.  The chinese people who own it are very good to us.  They always gave my kids treats every week (lollipops, clementines, bananas – which Frack pretended was his telephone, etc).  I asked the owner if I could sit down because I was feeling terrible.  They quickly got me a sit and we waited for Bobo to get the car and bring it to the front.  Shakily, and with a lot of help, I made it to the car.  Was happy to get home later.  Don’t think I will be going out very much by myself any time soon.  Had the runs again shortly after eating.  Getting minerals/vitamins in me is becoming extremely difficult considering nothing stays in my intestines for any great length of time.

My next appointment is with the oncologist on Thursday.  I hate waiting for things to happen.  It seems to take forever for any kind of action.  I’m going to try to make some phone calls on Monday to  try to get a bone scan done before I see him.  I don’t want to wait till Thursday for him to tell me I need a bone scan.  That’s just wasting more time.  And it’s the Christmas holidays… how many people are working in the medical field?  The bare minimum I’d say.  I think I’m out of luck until January when things/people start working again.



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