Six Months…maybe

I had a really bad day…at least the first part of the day was bad.  I went to see the heart/stroke guy at the Heart Hospital.  He wasn’t very encouraging when he read my discharge papers from the emergency department.  I probably should have taken someone with me, but I thought I was only going to be talking to him about my heart and I knew it was okay.  Ever since I was off the Tamoxifen, my heart has rebounded and is ticking better.  He said it was “almost normal” and I should worry about the cancer more than my heart.  He told me that although he was not an oncologist, once you have metastatic breast cancer (cancer which starts in the breast and goes somewhere else), the treatment you’re going to get is not a cure.  It’s just to relieve the pain/symptoms.  I might only last 6 months.

That was enough to have me bawling all the way home.  Should have taken someone with me.  I hate the thought of my children growing up without me.

Luckily, the staff at my school planned to come over and do a Christmas Secret Santa exchange.  Bobo went overboard on the Christmas decorations this year and everyone loved them.  That kept me occupied for a while.

Later that evening, my LTD oncology nurse telephoned me.  She had my records from emergency and told me what she thought was going to be the treatment plan.  A drug from the bisphosphonate category.  A very effective, injectable drug (once a month) called Denosumab/xgena which works for the whole bodies bones.  I think it stabilized the bone, adds more calcium or something like that.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the body scan doesn’t find any cancer in any of my other bones.  Then I will probably need radiation on my 11th vertebrae.  And they will need to shut down my ovaries with monthly injections until I have the surgery to remove the huge cyst and ovaries.  Although that will age me considerably, that’s preferable to being dead.  The surgery is a bit risky, given my heart problems… may encounter heart failure again, but doing nothing about stopping the hormones that are feeding my cancer is a deadlier risk.

Thanks to all you guys who are praying for me and offering me support in boundless ways.  I am grateful that I have such a wonderful network of friends/family who care about me.  You’re the best.

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