L8 4 a Very Important D8; My Christmas Miracle

Great news!  The cancer is localized.

Got stabbed in the stomach with a BIG needle (to start menopause once again).  Radiation treatments (1 or 2) will start as soon as they get me a spot at the Cancer Hospital.

I have to take some drug for 5 years or 2 1/2 hour intravenous drug monthly.  And my drug plan (of which I was plenty annoyed with because I’ve been paying $300 a month for) is getting hit with an over $12,000 bill a year!  Lucky me!  Unlucky them!

The morning was extremely crazy because I got home at 10:10 (I went to school for a while), and I had a phone message from that crabby old secretary at my chemo. hospital (the one with the irritating voice that put me into a seizure the last time I was there).  Was wanting to know where I was because I had an appointment at 9:00.  I FREAKED.  Phoned her back. Told her that the ER told me 1:00.  She told me that no one was going to be here at 1:00 and I was to get to the hospital as soon as possible.  I tried phoning Michelle, who was going to drive down there with me today and left a message on what I don’t think was her number.  Poor girl was waiting for me to pick her up at 11:45.  Then I left a message at my husbands work telling him about the mix up and to meet me at my downtown hospital pronto.  He actually got there before me.

As I was getting on the ramp to the 401 I thought, you crazy idiot, why didn’t you go to school and pick someone up there just in case Bobo isn’t there and the ding dong doctor tells you you are going to die!  Then I thought I’d pick up some poor slouch in the lobby or walking in the hallway and cry on their shoulder if my husband wasn’t there.

You don’t want to know how quickly I actually got to the hospital.  I sure can drive fast when I want to, even if there is traffic.  Parking near the hospital was a problem today and I circled around twice before I found a spot on the street in the back of the hospital; however, I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to park there even with my handicap parking sticker.  Then I thought, what the heck.   So what if I get a ticket.  I might be dead before I even have to pay for it.  So I parked there.  Got a bit worried later that I would be towed, but then I figured that didn’t really matter either.

Husband was there being hen-pecked by the crabby one…  ‘Where is your wife?’  “Don’t worry, she’s on her way,” he insisted.

Soon as the doctor showed up I said,  “Is it localized or did it spread anywhere else?”.  He said, “It was localized and I there was a huge sigh of relief from both of us.”  That was my Christmas Miracle.

Later I was taken to the Cancer Hospital for my shot in the stomach (it doesn’t hurt as much as getting a needle in the arm because there is plenty of fat there).  Then I had to go take care of my insurance company forms for medicine.  Finally I contacted the school, but unfortunately the secretary hung up on me before I got a chance to talk to anyone.  I phoned a bit later and was told there was a search party at my house and I’d better phone Theresa Rose right now.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure what happened at home but apparently Theresa Rose, Maria (the principal of my kids school) and their french teacher were all at my house.

I am soooooooo sorry for whatever inconvenience I caused.   Yes, I am glad I reached you before the cops were called.  And no, I am still not going to invest in a cell phone.  I don’t want brain cancer too.

Thank you for all your prayers.

Love ya all,

Am grateful to be alive!

Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday…. I know I am now.

P.S.  My husband wants me to get an appointment 6 months and one day from now with the stroke guy and say, “I’m alive.  F#$%@ you”.


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