A Whole Lot of Back Pain Going on Around Here

Dear Friends/Family,

Well, I had my MRI done yesterday and made a beeline to Dr. Sahgal’s office to find out the results this morning.

Turns out the tumour encompasses about 60% of the bone (vertebrae #11).  Radiation will probably kill the cancer, but the bone might not make it.  So I will have to have day surgery (before the radiation) to put some kind of device in there so my spine doesn’t collapse.  Am feeling a bit scared about this.  The thought of becoming a paraplegic keeps crossing my mind.

It’s getting more difficult to do things like reach for items in a cupboard, pick stuff off the floors, open doors, and even walking now hurts.  Thank heavens for that bottle of percocet.

My test results will be going to a surgeon at another downtown hospital.  He will decide what needs to be done before the radiation treatment(s).  Don’t think I will be getting an appointment until the following week, though.

I will have to be very careful until then.  Frack jostled me last night and I’m sure the entire neighbourhood heard me screaming at the top of my lungs for a good 10 minutes.  I thought he busted my ribs, but the MRI didn’t confirm that.

Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.



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