The Flying Monkey

Frack deserves a good shot in the head.  The stupid monkey made a flying leap into the Christmas tree after I told him not to climb all over the couch.

Then 20 minutes later (after picking up the broken ornaments and disposing of them), he climbs on the couch AGAIN and falls off it AGAIN; this time he knocked over the floor lamp and smashed it to smithereens.

Spent the rest of the morning in a coma on the bed.  I’m hitting my doctor for more of those percocets this week.  My stock is dwindling and the other anti-inflammatory pills she prescribed for me don’t work.

I’ve got to wait about 2 weeks before I get to see the surgeon to schedule a surgery date.  How much do you want to make a bet it will be on my birthday?

I think I would like a claw….one of those things that look like a cane and has a device on the end of it to pick up stuff so I don’t have to bend down.  That would make things so much easier.

Might be needing a scooter too if the surgeon screws up.

Wonder how long I will have to wait before LTD contacts me again?  They usually send me evil notes or phone me, telling me they are going to cut me off if I don’t get them the medical information they want from my doctors.  Last year at around this time, someone from LTD phoned me and told me that my family doctor didn’t send in my up-dated medical information.  I told her that it was Christmas time and maybe my family doctor was on holidays.  She told me it was my responsibility to get what they needed or my disability payments would be stopped.  So I quickly made an appt with my doctor; she showed me that she had couriered them my medical file as soon as she was given the letter from them.  When I found that out, I was livid.  So in early January, when LTD phoned again to ask me where my doctors medical notes were, I was all prepared.  Told her my doctor sent the notes on Dec. 19 by courier and it was signed/received by them.  I saw the receipt myself.  So why are they hassling me when they had the information all this time?  “Oh….well I guess no one opened it yet because of the Christmas holidays”, she responded.  Right.  They threaten me that they are not going to pay me anymore, meanwhile they had all the information in their office all along.  LTD seriously stresses me out.  I find them over-whelming.  They are so bent on getting ill people back to work, it’s ridiculous.  Yes, yes, I know that there are scammers out there, but still…really?  Can you fake cancer and heart problems?  Is that not a legitimate excuse for not working?  Apparently not.

Earlier this month they contacted me and once again I was told that their “Team of doctors” reviewed my file and there was no medical evidence as to why I can’t go back to work.  So I was required to start working 1/2 time in January and full-time in February.  I told the lady that I wasn’t feeling well (was always tired) and I was anemic.  She said if I decided not to return to work, that was my choice, but they would no longer be paying me disability.  I was dumbfounded.  Not anymore though.

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