Mood Swings

I think one of my friends was right about not letting my meds go below the prescription level.  I never took anything yesterday and today I feel like a raving b#$%*$.  I think it’s that time of the month and now that they shoved that needle in my stomach to stop it, I am feeling the mood swings like never before!  My husband got quite an earful yesterday.  Had to go to a funeral viewing (my father’s 81 year old cousin died), and my husband was too busy watching the f@#$%g Rose Bowl Parade to get dressed and get the kids ready while I made lunch and cleaned up.   If words could kill, let me tell you.

Just a little bit or worldly advice…. never cross an italian in pain.  I really let it rip.  You wouldn’t believe how fast the three of them got into the car after that.  I let them freeze out there for a bit before I got ready.  Yes, I really am a b@#$*.

New Years was kinda quiet.  My husband & son went to his brother’s house, while I stayed home with Hope and one of my sisters.  We went to my parents house for lunch and my husbands parents for dinner the next day.

I’m feeling quite tired all the time.  Tomorrow I’m going to phone re: that surgeons appointment.  I’m hoping he can slot me in sometime soon.

All’s quiet from LTD this week…. no nasty notes in the mail or phone calls telling me I need to get to work full-time in eight weeks.  Told them if they didn’t have sufficient medical evidence for them to keep paying me disability, that they should get my hospital records on December 15-17  from Emergency/CT Scans.  The Back to Work Specialist (I like her) did phone me to tell me that she closed my file once again.  She actually figured out I wasn’t physically capable of going back to work and was going to visit my doctor with me in January.  And the disability analyst also phoned to say she was sorry about my new “condition”.

So ya gotta wonder about LTD.  If I end up in a wheelchair, are they still going to pester me to go back to work?  Gym might be a bit tough, I must say.  How soon before the vultures are at it again?

My friend and her two kids are coming to visit me today and tomorrow (from Beijing).  Hopefully that will help pass the time away, cause right now I feel like a sitting duck and my kids are getting restless.  I want to get out of the house and do stuff, but driving is one heck of a problem right now (backing up/twisting my back) and I don’t have the energy to walk around much.  I wonder if they have those motorized scooters at the nearby mall.  I tried going there today with my kids, but I couldn’t find a handicap parking spot close to the doors.  All I wanted was to go to a Tea Shop and purchase some of my favourite cinnamon tea.  I eventually found a spot, but it was too far and I thought forget it, it was not worth getting out of the car and walking all the way over there in the freezing cold with both my kids in tow.  So I went home.  Figured I’d send my husband over to get it .  Then my friend Evangeline called.  She said she was going to drop by.   I told her if she was going to the mall, I was desperate for some Cinnamon Chai tea!  She phoned the tea shop and they are all out.  Just my luck.  My sister is going to try to pick some up from a Tea shop downtown near her house.

Now that I’m taking the aromatase inhibitor drugs to get rid of all my estrogen, I don’t feel quite as inclined to stick entirely to organic food. Eating heathy didn’t prevent me from getting bone cancer, so what the heck?  I’m going to eat whatever  I like and enjoy it too!

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