Cancer in a Jar and Gilligan

Jan. 14  Early Morning Blog

It’s 6:30 in the morning.  Lately I keep waking up between 4:00 – 6:00 and I don’t know what to do with myself.  So I am writing away.

Now how weird is this.  I was kind of thinking that I would like to bring a glass jar to my operation and ask Dr. Yogi if he would mind filling it up with my breast cancer bone tumour so I have something to show everyone if and when they come over to my house.  That’s what my mom did when she had her kidney stones removed.  She kept a baby food jar of them in the medicine cabinet and whipped them out whenever we had relatives come by.  Now that might freak them out, don’t you think?  How sick, eh!  Oh… I could have so much fun with that.  Especially if my cousins come over.  Look at this!  Ha ha haaaaa.

Next, I would like to set Reema (a teacher at my school) with one of my radiation doctor’s associates, but I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish that.  I’m pretty sure he is a sikh (that’s what she is interested in dating).  He has a very long beard like Osama Bin Ladin.  I don’t know if that makes him a sikh or not.  There’s a temple near my house and it looks like all the guys going in there have really long beards like this doctor guy I’m referring to.  I hope he’s not married.  I didn’t see if he had a ring on his finger.  Theresa Rose always told me to look to see if the guys I want to set her up with have a ring on their finger and I totally forgot.  I’m not very observant, I fear.  I hope this guy will be at the surgery, so I can see if I’m wasting my time or not.  His name is Roberto Alamer like the baseball player….. well, no not exactly.  That’s what he said his name sounded like.  It’s really Alamer or Alomer.  Something like that.  Anyway, he has really nice brown eyes and he is really sweet.  I think Reema would like him.  I must bring Reema to one of my appointments.  I hope he is there (at my surgery) rather than this really strange guy that was the resident at my appointment with Yogi.  As I was peering down the corridor with all the exam rooms I noticed 3 residents calling people for their appointments.  There were two tall, very calm, good looking young men, and a crazy looking thin guy who looked like he had way too much caffeine in his system (and he had a strange looking mustache too).  I don’t think I have ever met a chinese man with a mustache before.  I will have to ask Stella, who lives in Beijing, if there are any chinese men with mustaches there, or is it a fashion faux pas?  It looked really strange on him.  He was holding someone’s chart, passed the room he was suppose to be in, returned, and basically didn’t look like he knew what he was doing.  Very nervous.  “Must be new, I thought.   “Oh please, don’t let that guy be the one taking care of me”.  “He reminded me of a chinese version of Gilligan on Gilligan’s island”.  And guess what?  An hour later, guess who calls my name out to exam room number 3.  Gilligan, of course.  He spent the next half hour on the computer, showing me my images.  Bobo said he seemed more interested in looking at my scans than tending to me.  Apparently, Gilligan is going to be at my surgery (Bobo asked).  So on the day of my surgery when I see him, do you think it would be untoward if I say to him,  “LOOK, but do not TOUCH this body.  Understand.”  And don’t distract Yogi.  Got it?  You should really try decaf.  And do something about that mustache.

Time to go back to bed.

P.S.  I hope Reema doesn’t mind that I dragged her into my blog today.  But what can I say.  This is what my mind does early in the morning.

I thought you might be interested in hearing what Stella (who lives in Beijing with several billion chinese people) has to say about mustaches…..


Hi Mary,

I’ve not encountered any Chinese men sporting mustaches here in China. In general, Asians tend to have very little body hair other than on their heads, so beards and mustaches are very fine. David Suzuki had one (although he was Japanese), and in Chinese movies and in TV series that take place in ancient times, the noblemen always have long hair, and scraggly beards and mustaches. In modern China men seem to own razors and use them. Your Gilligan has a special sense of style.

Love your blogs!

Xoxo Stella


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