The Makings of My “Pod”

Went to see my family doctor at 8:45 this morning.

She said I was under-medicated and should double the dose of oxy.

Told her that would constipate me more, so she told me to take some laxatives.  She also wants me to have an ultrasound on my kidneys.

Then I was on my way to my cancer hospital where they made an interesting cast of my body.  First they lay me down on a blue blanket that seemed to be filled of air dried clay.  Then they stuck  a piece of plastic with a hole in it over my head.  Then they got a vacuum and sucked all the air out of it.   I felt like a piece of meat from the market getting vacuum packed.  Couldn’t move.  Went through the CAT scan and then they left me go.  It was like I was in a pod from that movie, “The Day of the Triffids”.

Later when I was in the waiting room, I saw my “Pod” (or blue kayak) being delivered to another wing of the hospital…. until next week.  I have two radiation sessions on Thursday and Friday Feb. 16/17.  I have to lie in it for about 45 minutes, even though the actual radiation treatment is about 5 minutes.  2 1/2 minutes,  then they check to make sure they hit the right spot.  If they didn’t, they will change the angle of the beams.  Then another 2  1/2 minutes.  Another scan. etc.

Went to my oncologist’s office and told them I didn’t want to see that chic anymore, the Dragon Lady… (I was suppose to see her this coming Tuesday and was dreading it).  Told the secretary that she made me uncomfortable and that I felt worse about my condition after seeing her.


Feb. 8, 2012

Feeling very tired today.  Sleeping a lot.

Just ate a little bit, but am feeling nauseous.

Time for some ginger candy.  Those Ginger Chews Angela bought me are the best

Going back to bed, Bye.

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