Not Willing to Give Up My Job For Cancer

Yesterday I spent the evening bawling because LTD contacted me and told me that they won’t be hassling me for a year.  I was under the impression that I just lost my job at my school because I was told I had to go back to work by June 12.  So I cried and cried and cried.  I wasn’t ready to give up my job for cancer.

But today, things are better.

I phoned the surgeons office and questioned them as to how long it was going to take me to recuperate.  The head nurse, recognized my name.  “Yeah”, it’s me…” I told her… The Screamer”.  “Oh yeah, I remember you.  You were the one with all the muscle spasms” she replied.  “Yes, that would be me”,  I told her.

She told me it takes at least 6 weeks to deal with the pain and about 3 months to feel more normal.  And there would also be the fatigue factor due to the radiation.  Then I thought, “Good, maybe I can get my act together and get back to school for that June 12th deadline.”

“So what am I suppose to do about the strings hanging out of my back?”, I asked her.  “You can go to your family doctor and get them cut off”.  I’d rather get my sister to cut them off for me.  I’m not exactly in a hurry to see any more doctors any time soon.

“Can I now take a bath?”, I asked.  “Yes”, she answered, “Please tell me you have been at least showering occasionally”.  “Are you kidding me?”,  I cried, “Do you have any idea how smelly I would be if I didn’t”.  She laughed and told me that you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t because they are afraid they will get an infection.  Yuck.

Then I phoned the union, but they were in a big meeting re: Sick leave days that the government wants to claw back.  Each teacher stands to loose about $50,000 when they retire if that happens.  The government should just get rid of the EQAO tests and save themselves $90 million.

I should be in power.

And what is this crap about only having 6 sick days a year.  How will people bank up 180 days for LTD?  Young teachers would be on welfare if they ever got sick and had to wait an entire school year to get some money.

I’m going to have to learn to inject my own needles in my stomach because I won’t be able to afford taking one day a month off (I’ll need 10 during the school year) to go to the hospital for my shots.  Won’t be able to afford to get sick either.  Thank heavens for the days I’ve already banked, but apparently I can’t use them.

Anyway, my union rep. T.L. called me back this afternoon and told me that as long as I have seniority (and there is only one person, at my school who has more than me), then they have to keep my position open for me for whenever I get back.

Boy that made my day.  However, I still don’t want to say anything to Anna yet because I know that she will be placing teachers in positions for next year soon, and as I will probably be coming back at some point in the next school year, I don’t want her think I won’t be back.  So no one say anything!  Got it!



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