My Number is NOT a FAX Machine…and other Aggravating Phone Calls

I watched a program on The Fifth Estate re: Oxycocet and have decided that I don’t want to live the life of a drug addict and am now never going to take Oxycocet again.  However, I am still in pain and am extremely agitated.  Not sure if it’s because of the pain or because I’m suffering from withdrawal.  Ask my husband and my kids about my mood swings, let me tell you.

I am going stir crazy sitting in this house and answering the freakin phone.  Yesterday some stupid twit called Chantelle Ung phoned me 18 times to fax me something.  Beep,  beep, beep, in my ear every time I picked up the phone.  So why didn’t I let it go on voice mail…. because then I would have to waste more valuable time erasing it from my phone messages.

So as I am trying in vain to get some sleep (due to sleep deprivation because of taking Frack to the hospital),  the phone kept ringing every 3 minutes to fax me.  You would think after 3 times that the door knob would check the number to make sure it was done right.  But nooooo.  She had to phone me 15 more times.  I really couldn’t believe it, and yes I was keeping track in my head because I had nothing better to do.  Finally, it stopped… only until the next afternoon when I decided to put my little head on my pillow to rest.  Then she phoned me 9 more times.  I had really had enough and phoned Bell Canada to get them to make her stop.  They told me that for a fee of $10.75, they could put a call block for that number.  I told them I would like her telephone number so I could call her 27 times.  Unfortunately, they could not help me.  But apparently I could call the cops and tell them someone was harassing me, and that wouldn’t cost me anything.

I told them there was no way I was going to pay Bell Canada  $10.75 for someone else’s stupidity and hung up.

So then I went on the computer (411 directory) and typed in “Chantelle Ung”.  There are 17 C. Ungs in Canada.  Only two in Toronto.  I figured I would find her.  So I phoned the first one and told them that if Chantelle Ung is trying to fax something, she has the wrong number.  I had a lengthy discussion with a chinese guy who told me that his wife Chantelle does not have a fax machine and he was sorry that I was sick and kept getting annoyed by the constant telephone calls.

C. Ung number 2 wasn’t at home… but I could leave a message if I wanted to.   But I refrained.

Shortly thereafter, I got another call.  The air duct cleaning guy, of course.

I will never win.

However, the next one that phones… I have it all planned.

You see, the air duct cleaning guys,  they have a script that they read off of and I am onto them.

Good afternoon.  How are you today?

Usually, I say, “I’m Okay”.

And they say, “That’s good to hear” before they begin their blurb about cleaning your air ducts.

I usually tell them I have radiators and they leave me alone.

However, the next time anyone selling something (even if it’s not air duct cleaning) asks me how I am, I’m  going to say, “I have stage 4 cancer and I’m dying”, just because I really want to see if he replies,  “That’s good to hear” from his script.

I’ll let you know what happens.

You see, you see what happens when you are stuck at home and you can’t drive anywhere.

You go mental.

Damn the next guy who calls.

Oh wait.

You know what is great about having caller ID on my phone.

I have Chantelle’s fax number twenty-seven times.

It’s (416) 750-7702.

Maybe I should get all of my friends to fax her.

Maybe I should figure out how to use Twitter, so she can have thousands of people call her for nothing

Just a thought.

Time for bed.


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